Who are we?

The Christensen family which would like to share our pictures with anybody who may be interested -

also in learning more about our beautiful island.

An island which certainly is worthwhile visiting.



- From our little lives

on Fanoe and other nice places

Sunset on Bornholm

We happily share our pictures with you

Please respect our copyright and simply enjoy the quality of full size pictures and refrain from unauthorized use of our pictures - Thank You!

Meet us in nature

If we in any way can help you regarding more info about Fanoe, weddings, renewal of your vows  or just a visit to our island, then get in touch.

Pictures from Fanoe

The nature and the culture.

The wedding island.

Renewal of vows.

Clips from Fanoe

A wedding on the beach.

Renewal of vows.

Other nice places

An animal park in Germany. Bornholm and neighbouring islands.

Iceland in February

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